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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. On average, how much does it cost to remodel?
A. Every remodeling project is different, so it’s nearly impossible to give a cost average. Options selected (custom or standard), room size, cost of finishes (tile, trim, etc.), relocating of electrical or plumbing, and more will figure in to the cost of a project. That’s why it’s best when we know your budget upfront. We can then make recommendations for materials and amenities that will agree with what you’re willing to spend.

Q. Do I really need a permit?
A. Permitting and licensing requirements vary by city. That said, a permit may be required depending upon where you live and the type of work that is proposed for your project. Luthman Construction obtains licenses as needed in order to secure permits in the cities where we do our work.

Q. Are you insured?
A. As a reputable company, we carry insurance for your protection as well as our own. A certificate of insurance may be issued to you for your particular project once a contract has been signed and secured by a deposit.

Q. Can I expect that you will be the lowest bidder for my project?
A. Quality and cost often times do not go hand in hand. Think about a time when you purchased a less expensive option only to be disappointed. Likely, Luthman Construction will not be the lowest bidder, but we can ensure our quality and exceptional workmanship and attention to detail. Additionally, it’s our high level of service that sets us apart from our competition. You get what you pay for.

Q. Can I speak with some of your previous customers?
A. Absolutely! Satisfied customers are our best source of referrals and we have many happy customers who would be pleased to tell you about their experience with Luthman Construction. There are only a few testimonials that appear on our website, but we have plenty more satisfied customers. Simply ask for our references and we’ll be happy to give them to you.

Q. How long will my project take?
A. The length of time that a remodeling project will take really depends upon the complexity and scope of the job. If you have specified custom fixtures, cabinets, etc., you can expect longer lead times of several weeks to receive the materials. Job detail also will add to the time frame. For instance, if your tile job includes many different sizes of tiles and intricate patterns, the job will take longer to complete. We will be as upfront as possible in communicating the estimated time for completion. However, both the homeowner and contractor need to be flexible as unforeseen delays sometimes will occur.

Q. Do you personally do all of the work?
A. Most of the work is personally completed by Luthman Construction’s employees, yet there are times when we will use subcontractors. Rest assured, though, we only work with high quality, licensed, reputable contractors. In the instances that subcontractors will be used, Luthman Construction will assume responsibility for scheduling the work to be completed. For the homeowner, this ensures seamlessness throughout the phases of the project.

Q. How much mess should I expect in my home during remodeling?
A. Any kind of construction will create a mess of some kind. However, it is our goal to create minimal mess and disruption to your life. The extra services we offer as a part of each and every contract include: pick up of the project site daily; disposal of garbage; protection of immediate work area as necessary; changing of furnace filters as applicable.

Q. How will I be billed for the work that you do?
A. We will provide a comprehensive contract for your review. This contract will detail how and when payment will be required. Typically, we break the total cost of the project into four installments: acceptance of contract; 1/3 completion of the job; at 2/3 completion of the job; at final completion.

Q. Where should I look for ideas for my project?
A. One of the many available home decorating magazines provide great inspiration as do the remodeling/decorating shows on television. The Internet also is an exceptional place to search for ideas. Take a look at our “Plan Your Project" section for additional resources to assist you.

Q. If I'm planning a major remodeling project, do I need to find an architect and have a plan ready before I talk with you?
A. You will need an architectural drawing for a major remodel such as a room addition. If you already have an architect in mind that you’re comfortable working with then by all means have that person draw up the plans. Otherwise, we can refer you to the architect that we use – he’s professional and reasonable and can make your ideas come to life!

Q. What happens if I have a question or concern after my job has been completed?
A. Luthman Construction prides itself on its workmanship and service not only while the job is being completed, but after as well. We offer a one year warranty on our work (when applicable) and are happy to help with any adjustments or questions you have after we’ve completed the job.